While it isn’t always possible in our current time, chef’s try to purchase in a local and sustainable matter. That includes making purchasing decisions that are both delicious and great for the local ecosystem. If its not delicious does it make sense?

One such purchase happens to be Blue Catfish. Blue Catfish was introduced to the Chesapeake Bay in the 70’s and has grown to be an invasive species. This mean that it has few to no natural predators and feeds on species that are essential to the health and life of the ecocsystem.

Blue Catfish in particular feeds on blue crabs, mussels, clams, and menhaden which are all vital to the ecosystem.

It helps that they are delicious and incorporating them in our menus serves more than one purpose.

The texture is firm yet light and the flavor is moist without being too oily. From a chef’s perspective this means that Blue Catfish stand up to almost every cooking technique. We’re featuring it this week in a jerk preparation which will be a delicious compliment to this catfish.

We’re thrilled to cook this for you this week and hope you can appreciate the delicious flavor and thoughtful utility!

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” Jim Rohn

There is a lot of things that derail us on a daily basis from our goals. And it’s easy for us to excuse a simpler path.

“I’m too busy to go workout.”

“It’s just not convenient for me to find something healthy. I’ll start tomorrow.”

“Gyms are closed so I’ll just use the time to relax and recharge.”

“Someone else will take care of it.”

But are the excuses moving us towards our goals? We all know the answer to that. An obvious truth is that, while convenient, our excuses aren’t real.

Someone with fewer resources has achieved what you seek.

A busier person has found a way.

Worse circumstances have resulted in success.

This is because of the application of consistent action. Create a plan and then work the plan. Fell off the plan? Get back on the horse. Not tomorrow, but TODAY. If you know what to do then do it at every possible opportunity. It is an absolute truth that no one is perfect but that doesnt mean that we cant strive toward perfection. When you fall short of perfection you arrive at excellence.

The excuses will always be there but time won’t. Don’t sacrifice your dreams because to not reach them is acceptable. Get back on the horse and drive! You have all the tools you need. Simply apply them! Over and over and over again.

Then you’ll get what you’re looking for or possibly a level even greater than you imagine.

Full Circle Food